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Students are all set to begin their new “Article-A-Day” assignments in READWORKS. Please help them remember to read an article each day and write 2 to 3 good sentences about the article in their “Book of Knowledge” on the website. If anyone would like to have printed paper copies, please let me know ahead of time.

Each day’s work for grades 3 through 5, includes “Daily” math, language, and reading. While we are working on literature books, their reading assignment will relate to their books (no daily reading in google classroom). Math includes some time each day on STMath and IXL

First and second graders have packet work to work on, along with their READWORKS and STMath. If/when students finish their “packets”, please notify me, turn them in, and I will prepare new packets with appropriate skills. Let me know whenever your child needs more or something more specific.

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Remember student links to blogs and programs may be found under STUDENT RESOURCES tab on our school’s website  In the “PAGES” section of this blog, please find Mr. DePatsy’s shared PE.

MedBot needs to be completed every morning by 8 a.m. for all LCS students (including remote learners).  This app tracks attendance for virtual learning that day. Find more information under the Parent Resources’ tab on the school website.  

Zoom meetings disclaimer: “While LCS remains obligated and dedicated to protect students’ confidentiality and privacy, remote learning does not allow LCS to control who is viewing a lesson or a meeting while a student is in a remote location (ie home). Therefore, parents and students should be aware that there is no expectation of privacy. Should you wish to opt out of this virtual meeting, please let the person who set up the meeting aware, alternative resources will be provided”

REMOTE ART from Mrs. Cooper @ LCS Art

EVERY Day STMath, READWORKS, Lexia (1-2), and when possible,

DEC. 14-16
It’s been a very busy week with new remote students, new emails, new contacts, addition to schedules, etc. Please excuse my lack up blog updates.
GRADE 1  – phonics LD & LF, continue work with sight words building, even/odd numbers, add & sub, and puzzle solving
GRADE 2 – puzzle solving, estimating, mystery science – building towers from note cards, article read aloud/comprehension
GRADE 3 – review skills on GC, a glitch is causing some to not find their folder, new math practices assigned, zoom puzzle, adding/subtracting decimals, finding missing numbers in equations
GRADE 4 – review skills on GC, reminder to view videos (resource in GC) for help with assignments, math puzzles
* skip counting, reading number words, in and out number tables
**** multiplication grid puzzle, book response discussion (google doc – share w/ me)
DEC. 9
GRADE 1 – money (coins) needed to make a certain amount (adding quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies), digraph CH
GRADE 2 – past tense verbs, irregular verbs, adding ed double consonant VCV, verbs that end with e (complete word search)
GRADE 3 – reviewed LANGUAGE (adverbs), & MATH (rounding, dividing, word problem) in GC- assigned “What Happened When” book video and write a paragraph about it to share tomorrow.
GRADE 4 – Reviewed math skills from GC, assigned: write a paragraph about “What Happened When” book video (GC Mix) to share tomorrow
DEC. 7
GRADE 1 – worked on sight words mats including contractions, multi-digit base ten recognition
GRADE 2 – spelling plurals including irregular plurals, double digit word problems
GRADE 4 – math puzzle, reviewed DAILY READING, LANGUAGE, & MATH in GC
**** decimal/fractions, created GC for individual
DEC. 2
GRADE 1 – worked on answering some questions about the math packet students are working independently with, continued working with coins, worth, 1 Q (quarter) = 25 cents, 2 Q = 50 cents, 3 Q = 75 cents, and 4 Q = $1.00
GRADE 2 – missing addends of two digit additions, repeated addition/multiplication, 3 digit addition (place value)
GRADE 3 – reviewed abstract and concrete nouns, IDIOMS, irregular plurals (please watch videos on GC), continue working on even number problems in “Daily Multi-Step Story Problem” packet, we complete the odds together (just finished #11 & 13), complete DAILY READING, LANGUAGE, & MATH in GC
GRADE 4 – reviewed sentence fragments, simple/compound sentences, prepositions/conjunctions, and dialogue, please watch videos on GC, worked on number problems, need to complete DAILY READING, LANGUAGE, & MATH in GC
*odd/even numbers, missing addend in bonds
**** reviewed equivalent vs simplest form of fractions, place value with decimals
Nov. 30
GRADE 1 – building sentences with sight words, starting money – reviewed penny and dime (spelling, letters, and worth)
GRADE 2 – worked on “story elements”, homophones, consonant blends, and places for ones, tens, and hundreds
GRADE 3 – reviewed specials zoom schedule. abstract and concrete nouns, irregular plurals (videos on GC)
GRADE 4 – reviewed specials zoom schedule, discussed and assigned videos on sentence fragments, simple/compound sentences, prepositions/conjunctions, and dialogue, reviewed reading practice packet, GC assignments
*Individual 1st consonant blends/facts vs opinions/cause & effect
****Individual 4th fractions-add with like denominators, simplest form, comparing fractions
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Have a wonderful break & Thanksgiving! PLEASE READ THROUGH THE FOLLOWING notices.

I am reworking our schedule to accommodate any class zooms that will be made available to our “already” remote students. An email with zoom invites will be forthcoming. We will continue to meet daily, except Tuesdays (it just may be at a different time. You will also receive zoom invites from classroom and specials teachers when/if there is a zoom for them to attend. They are setting up specific times that I will work around for our continued work.

Under the STUDENT RESOURCES tab on our school’s website students will find all the resources they need for various programs and site links (including this blog). In the “PAGES” section of this blog, please find the pages Mr. DePatsy asked me to forward.

Please note: Mr. Russo will be sending out a letter to inform everyone that MedBot will need to be completed every morning by 8 a.m. for all LCS students (this now includes remote learners).  This app will track attendance and it will allow us to be informed when a student will be “absent” to virtual learning that day.  

Zoom meetings disclaimer: “While LCS remains obligated and dedicated to protect students’ confidentiality and privacy, remote learning does not allow LCS to control who is viewing a lesson or a meeting while a student is in a remote location (ie home). Therefore, parents and students should be aware that there is no expectation of privacy. Should you wish to opt out of this virtual meeting, please let the person who set up the meeting aware, alternative resources will be provided”

New – REMOTE ART from Mrs. Cooper (now functioning) LCS Art

EVERY Day STMath, READWORKS, Lexia, and when possible,

11/23 Grades 1/2 students have independent workbooks that they may work on tomorrow, while Grades 3, 4, and 5 have assignments in their Google Classroom.

GRADE 1 Finished 6 sight word sentence pages (They are on a roll!), grappled through a math puzzle. Students should continue working on their “Outdoors” and “Plant Parts” workbooks in their own time. One student shared her new puppy!
GRADE 2 Finished writing descriptive subject/predicate sentences. Worked on solving some multiplication word problems – need to finish the last one.
GRADE 3 Completed a page of division arrays. Continued work on “tricky words”; who’s, whose – t0, too, two – are, our – lose/loose – knew/new – they’re/their – bored/board – except/accept – completed a math grappler.
GRADE 4 Discussed and completed idioms #11-20, worked on two math puzzles

GRADE 1 Finished 3 sight word sentence pages (wow!), completed first two pages in word problem workbook (we are working on these together) Students should complete “Outdoors” and “Plant Parts” workbooks in their own time. The math and writing packets will be our focus together during zoom.
GRADE 2 Reviewed analogies, completed “figures of speech” page and began subject/predicate – finish the cut & paste page
GRADE 3 Reviewed math skills in GC, finished two pages in Division workbook (which we are working together on during zooms), work on “tricky words”; who’s, whose – t0, too, two – are, our
GRADE 4 Continued EDM pages, students should complete page 83 (was assigned yesterday, but not completed)

GRADE 1 Sight word sentences, ten more, ten less, one more, one less
GRADE 2 Making arrays for repeated addition/multiplication, similes and analogies
GRADE 3 Reviewed math skills in daily math, writing full sentence responses that include restating prompt or question
GRADE 4 Reviewed google classroom assignments, completed pgs. 80-82 of EDM math pages, assigned for tomorrow pg. 83 (MATH 4th grade tab in GC)

GRADE 1 Worked on place value with base ten blocks, two tens = 20 plus 3 ones =23, Sight word sentences
GRADE 2 Describing words (adjectives)-adding describing words to nouns in sentences
GRADE 3 Math word problems, we do the odds together, they do the evens on their own. plurals, daily work on GC

GRADE 4 GC-Simple, compound, complex sentences, daily work, analyzing math errors

GRADE 1 Listened to a story, answered probing questions, about days, nights, and patterns.
Explored the daily pattern of motion of the sun, moon, and stars through an interactive video.
GRADE 2 Completed number bonds of double digits (47, 25, 22), worked on dividing syllables between VC/V
GRADE 3 Explored PBS media learning video and Google Classroom assignments, reviewed simple division
GRADE 4 Explored PBS media learning video and Google Classroom assignments, discussed idioms and meanings

GRADE 1 Sight word sentences, Repeated addition (multiplication relationship)
GRADE 2 Daily sentence edit, Compare & Contrast, Telling time-increments of 5 minutes, Repeated addition (multiplication relationship)
Grade 3 Review Daily Language, Reading, and Math, Word ladders, Which One Doesn’t Belong (WODB)
Grade 4 Review Daily Language, Reading, and Math, WODB, PEMDAS (have them explain this to you)
Grade 1 Sight word sentences, letter shapes, capitalization, punctuation, counting what comes just before, in between, after, skip counting by 2s.
Grade 2 Reading – article about oceans, Parts of Speech – articles and prepositions, identifying and combining coins and bills.
Grade 3 Number story problem, Reviewed online google classroom assignments, News Quiz
Grade 4 Reviewed math concepts, completing online google forms in google classroom, News Quiz,

Grade 1 Worked on Sight Word Sentence Coding and some more subtraction. Let me know when packet work is complete.
Grade 2 Telling time to the nearest whole and half hour, edited sentences for capitalization, punctuation, and spelling, and finished 2 worksheets online, one reading comprehension and one larger even/odd numbers.
Grade 3 Worked on word problems and vocabulary. Assignments in Google Classroom.
Grade 4 Introduced remote learner to all sites we are working with, reviewed Google Classroom assignments, chose Article-A-Day assignments.

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October 2020

Today’s Zooms & Assignments
No Tuesday zooms.
I will add new or additional zoom meetings soon. Keep an eye out for invites.
Daily Work: STMath, READWORKS (Article-A-Day),
  • 10/30 Don’t forget: PICK UP in Filing Cabinet, after 4pm TODAY (3/4 MUST save Skittles® for Monday’s math lesson)
GRADES 1/2 Finish Hoot & Peep packet – do Reading Comprehension page – pass in along with colored owl drawing, Continue working on Independent packets, pass in/let me know when completed, don’t forget to do Lexia each day, STMath, and article-a-day on READWORKS. Also, there are some assignments/learning games available on for each grade level.
GRADE 2 Double digit subtraction (without regrouping)√ Tree-mendous packet: listened to The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, finished two pages in packet.
GRADE 3/4 (3rd with French) Reviewed missing number grid. Assignments in GC 3/4 REMOTE  MIX
Grades 1/2 Worked on an “Esti-Mystery: How Many Checkers?” in a small bowl. Deciding what would make sense with what they see and using clues that are given. Guesses were changed when clues of: more than ten, less than thirty, less than two full ten frames (20), equal number of red with number of black (decided answer would be an even number), and final clue was one less than 19. Sentences for Hoot & Peep in previous post. Work on word ladders and independent packet.
Grade 2 Adding 1s, 10s, and 100s. Tree-mendous Trees packet, last two word of the day pages.
Grades 3/4 Scholastic News magazine “Election 2020”. Watched a related video. Assignments reviewed included GC math pages (1 per day), GC ELA “Opinion Writing / The Abandoned House” and “All About Sylvia Mendez” from previous Scholastic News magazine, independent packet, power problems, and word ladders.
Grades 1/2 Sentences from nonfiction reading of OWLS (each student chose one to write), here they are: “Even the most adaptable animals can only do so much before they become endangered. Owl babies are called owlets. Different owls have different diets.” Students should be able to tell you which is theirs and copy it onto their paper. The student who was absent should copy this sentence: “Owls are raptors which means they hunt for meat.” Introduced “FLIP, ADD 10 & COVER” activity. Cut out cards, put face down, flip one over, add 1 ten, locate the number on the paper and cover it with a marker of some sort. Word ladder, packet page/s, and daily online programs.
Grade 2 Introduced and watched videos about grammar: articles and prepositions, reviewed adverbs, adjectives, and verbs to use with coloring pages.
Grades 3/4 Reviewed Google Classroom assignments, introduced “glogs” which we will be doing soon, watched a science video, explained multi-step Power Problem 4c. Continue work in GC and packets.
Grades 1/2 Hoot and Peep, write a “connection” made (Good readers often make connections to the text, either to themselves, another text, or to the world) Students are asked to explain how they connect to the text (story of Hoot and Peep). Hoot (an owl) is the big brother of Peep and tried to show him how to correctly “hoohooo”, but Peep likes to sing her own song, her way. Students are asked to continue working in their independent packets, as well as their word ladders and math pages (What Comes Next, Which is Greater… if not already completed). STMATH, lessons assigned, and Article-A-Day on READWORKS … I’ll see them on WEDNESDAY.
Grade 2 Completed slides for missing addends. Read a higher level text on Salamanders. Needs to complete comprehension worksheet on “All About Bats” and read, write some things learned, and answer comprehension questions on “ANTS”. Finish: “country” word page.  STMATH, lesson assigned (after these lessons are completed, work on packet of coloring pages using the parts of speech as code to colors), READWORKS Article-A-Day
Grades 3/4 Finished Dil ‘er Up math grappler, read and discussed feature article in Scholastic News Oct. 5 Edition 4 on “Sneaky Apps”. Assigned the rest of the magazine along with Google Classroom (GC) assignments. Please have them go through and make sure they have completed (either in their notebooks -to be passed in later, or online, if applicable) and “submitted” when available or messaged me “done”. Assignment lessons have been given to each on the site, Article-A-Day on READWORKS, and STMATH.
Grade 5 – sending email to individual
10/23 – Electricity went out at my house due to a squirrel. First three zooms did not happen.
Grades 1/2 and 3/4 were assigned a game and/or a group of lessons on
Grades 3/4 still have assignments in Google Classrooms that haven’e been completed by all, except one student (unless they are not “turning in” the assignment when they finish).
ALL GRADES have an independent packet that they should work in whenever they have time. Some also have a writing, science, and/or math packet. All of these packets should be worked on whenever time allows. Please have them circle any skill/example that they have/had difficulty with and bring it up during zoom.
Grade 5 finish DynaMath magazine, complete Oct. 5th Scholastic NEWS, edit narrative, and work on assignments.
Grades 1/2 Listened to the story Hoot & Peep by Lita Judge. We will be discussing and learning about owls. Vocabulary words include: nocturnal, silent, adaptations. Assignment: read Scholastic News magazine “Look Out, Mouse!” Work on math pages “Which is Greater” (1st only) and “What Comes Next” (both 1/2)
Grade 2 Working on 3 digit addition. Read “A Friend in Need”, answer comprehension questions to story.
Grades 3/4 Assigned Google Classroom Place Value (x2), DynaMath article about endangered animals called “Wild Technology”, and finish Scholastic News magazine “Out of This World”. Ongoing own pace: Power Problems, Word Ladders, Symbiosis, Divide Them Up, Reading like a Writer packets.
Grade 5 Scholastic Magazine “Why Was This Statue Removed?”, watched a video on the Civil War to build background knowledge. Watched video about the collection and display of data using graphs. Complete pg 12 and 13 in DynaMath. Need to work on Text-Based Writing, unit 5 (assigned a week ago). Finish narrative prompt, thatquiz, and Math Boxes on Google Classroom.
10/21 Each grade has an independent packet that may be completed in own time. Pass in when finished. 
Grades 1/2 Arrays – multiple rows of the same number – viewed and chose the correct arrays that represented a given product (3 rows of 2 = 6); Reviewed Right, Left, Middle; Watched a video about firefighters, reviewed vocabulary words: narrow and explode, read the article “Firefighters” in the Scholastic News; completed back. Assigned continue work in their “GRAB & GO” packet.. continue in this until finished then put it in their “finished” pile to be turned in. 1st graders may do the “WHICH is GREATER” pages. Both 1/2 may do “WHAT COMES NEXT” pages.
Grade 2 “The Best Pet” comprehension questions and “Sleeping at Night” page. Worked on using ten frames to add and introduced a “standards” way of adding multiple digit numbers (adding the ones place then carrying to tens place and adding the tens place last to find total).
Grades 3/4 Reviewed finding a tenth of a value in Power Problem 4.NBT.1F; read Scholastic article “Life in Space”, video link is in their google ELA classroom, great conversation with this.
Grade 5 Working on estimates and measuring (linear, perimeter, area, volume); using non-standard measuring (toe to heel and how many would equal a yard/foot, or how many broom stick handles to determine height), Dynamath reading and math review, THATQUIZ assigned in google classroom, writing prompt and Unit 5 in Text-Based writing.
New packets have been delivered to the files. Please collect it by Wed. If/when returning books to the library, please message the librarian. Please help your student keep their work organized and nearby for zooms. Bulletin board of leaf identifications and Nerdy Birdies are up and looking great!
Grades 1/2 We read “Community Workers” in Scholastic News – learned about “goods” and “services” (early economics) through watching a video on the people that provide us with things we want or need. Students were asked to complete the back portion of their magazine and pass in. Any items/packets that are finished, when passing them in, please put in one of the folders or envelope that has been used, or clip them together in some way to keep them separate from other things that others may put in folders, like French or science. I ended up bringing home a couple of French packets (that I put back) when I collected things to review.
Grade 2  Can a Kid Be President Scholastic magazine. Complete “Summer Days” page. May continue on with this packet. The longer story pages are for practice with fluency, pronunciation, and intonation.
Grades 3/4 Reviewed math pages on google classroom. Page 47 – do top section only. Choose a digit to change the given “place” to, write what operation would be used on a calculator to change it, and write the new number. Page 49 – No flip book needed – write what 10, 100, or 1,000 MORE or LESS would be for the original number. Page 51 – Finding “landmarks” in a set of numbers (or data). Be sure to read the questions carefully to see what exactly is being asked. Is it number of “books” or how many “students”. Discussed “range” is the “difference” between the maximum and the minimum. Complete page 6 and 7 in the “Dynamath” magazine. Continue work on Power Problems, Reading like a Writer, Writing like a Reader packet, and Multiplication packet.
Grade 5 Red Kayak – THEME response using R.A.C.E. – Fish Tank volume; estimate a new time for how long it will take to fill the tank, now that the volume is knows (2,340 in. cubed). Think of a list (just a list) of things around the house that you can estimate, then later measure: the height, width, length, area, or volume.
Grades 1/2 Number Bonds A number bond is the relationship between three numbers or two parts and a whole. In upper grades it includes fractions and decimals, but for lower grades, it shores up the understanding of how whole numbers work and how they are related. For example: 3, 6, and 9 are related (we sometimes call them a family…a fact family). There are four equations or number sentences that can be made from this family: 3+6=9, 6+3=9, 9-3=6, and 9-6=3. Please work with your child to help them understand, if this is not clear to them. We will continue playing Sight Word Bingo one of two times next week. Having those “boards” (papers) close by along with the items used as “markers” will help cut down on the time we wait to play.
1st grade – complete page 3 of packet
2nd grade – worked on “missing addends” – complete page 10 of packet
Grades 3/4 (grade 3 had zoom with French class) while grade 4 worked on solving math puzzle, discussing using context clues to determine meanings of unknown words, made estimates for balancing the weight of an orange to a number of unifix cubes, using clues.
Assignments to work on Unit 2 math pages in Google Classroom, reading articles, “The Countdown Has Begun” p 1-3, and “Buried Treasure: Finders Keepers?” p 4-5 in the Scholastic News Sept. 21 edition, then completing the back part before passing it in (don’t forget names).
Grade 5 – Watched a video and discussed “Digital Decisions” to  learn to analyze online usage and evaluate game apps. Read 2nd article “Don’t Be Fooled” in Sept 21 issue of Scholastic News. Complete the back and pass in. Complete at least one of the Math Box assignments on Google Classroom and Unit 5 in Text Based Writing book.
Grades 1/2 Sight Word Bingo, Greater Than dice game (feel free to play these outside of zoom).
Grade 1 – do first page in Grab & Go packet,
Grade 2 – do page 8 of Grab & Go packet. Also did some mental computation with subtracting.
Grade 3/4 – Watched a video about “Median, Mean, and Mode”. These are the terms used for different measures in a set of numbers or data. Review letter writing and reading responses. Assigned work in “Multiplication” packets (if not already finished and turned in) – these are work packets that student can an should be able to work through on their own with little guidance. If they encounter any needs for assistance, they are encouraged to seek guidance. Otherwise, continue working to finish, then pass in and notify me.
Grade 3 – Friday zoom with French, see you Monday
Grade 5 Continue work with “grappling”, Scholastic News article “Should You Clone Your Pet?” with opinion writing assignment in Google Classroom and Math Boxes in GC, as well.
Grades 1/2 We didn’t do more than play a quick game of SIGHT WORD bingo. We will continue playing this each day this week and possibly a couple more times next week. We want to make sure all the words are known. Tomorrow students will need their Scholastic News magazines at the ready and if there is time, we will work on the next math page (a game that compares numbers). 2nd – two more pages of packet (sentence writing, words, math).
Grades 3/4 This was a very busy class with all that we covered. Scholastic News article about Hamilton with a page in Google Classroom to complete. Google Classroom math now has the “Power Problems” that can be completed online after we review one together, I will assign one or two to do daily (and I’ll post it). Today we did the first and they were assigned the second of them to complete. They have “a” page to do in Unit 2 (it’s okay for them to complete them ahead of time), but I will ask that once we review them together, they go back to their paper and correct any mistakes they may recognize they made after we reviewed. Students are assigned to write a “letter” to me, as a reading response to what they are reading at home. They are instructed to open the google doc that I set up for them in our google classroom, so we may converse back and forth. They have been assigned a Mystery Science video in their “3/4 Remote Mix” google classroom and should “submit” when they are finished. There is no work with it, just a video to watch.
5th Grade Watch Khan videos about volume, do 2nd step of predicting filling of “Fish Tank” (no answer is needed…it’s all about the process for this one). Writing from the “Hamilton” article in Scholastic. Review vocabulary words (to know) in first 4 units of Writing Notebook.
Grades 1/2 You Can Do It! “The Power of YET” Scholastic News article. Please make sure to complete the back. Even and Odd numbers review. Next page in math packet on “twenty frames”. Figuring out the sum of a complete “ten frame” plus another number in a second frame. Grade 2, first two pages of Distance Learning packet.
Grades 3/4 Multiplying double digits. Learning to break apart large numbers to view the “basic fact”. 87×29 is 80×20 (basic fact of 8×2 with two zeros of the original numbers being in the tens place), 80×9 (8×9 with one zero), 7×20 (7×2 with one zero), and 7×9. This concept once understood will help students “make sense” of what is actually happening when they do the “standard” multiplication method. Google Classroom assignment on ELA to write a letter about what they are reading. The sample letter gives a lot of ideas to include, as well as how to set up their writing.
Grade 5 Multiplying fractions, area, perimeter, and volume. Google Classroom assignments in math and reading.
10/9 Minor glitch with losing power this morning (right in the middle of a meeting). Came back just after one scheduled meeting and just prior to another. 
Grades 1/2 missed zoom (except for a few moments when it came on and one student was available to meet with me)
Would have reviewed the reason for Monday’s “day off” – Indigenous People’s Day. We will resume our math packet and start with the “Power of Yet” Scholastic News on Tuesday.
Grades 3/4 Discussed the disappearance of the Aztecs from Scholastic News; how this relates to other “indigenous people” and Monday’s “day off” in honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, which was once celebrated as Columbus Day. Students were assigned the news magazine contents and the back page. For math, they need to continue completing the Unit 1 pages (by Tues) in Google Classroom and work on any other assignments that have not yet been completed. Only 2 students have “turned in” all other assignments, but one. The others have either not finished or not “turned in”. There is a tab that they need to click when they have completed the task (even if they did it on paper).
L5 – (individual)
Read READING STREET “Red Kayak” on page 26. Review skills on pg 24/25. Complete assignment in Google Classroom. Finish DynaMath
GRADES 1/2 Bald Eagles sentences: Bald eagles perch high in tress. Their wingspan is about 7 1/2 feet. A baby eagle is called an eaglet. Eagles have great eyesight. The paper with these sentences and their eagle drawing should be passed in on your next visit to the filing cabinet. After doing some slides on numbers representation (using words, tally marks, ten frames, fingers, dominoes, and cubes), we talked about even and odd numbers. Even numbers are those that if you made two groups you could split the number evenly into the two groups. We skip counted by twos and discovered the even numbers were 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. They were asked to write them in the even column and to cut out all the numbers along the dotted lines and glue or tape them in place. Still waiting for everyone to have their 20 pieces to play sight word bingo.
GRADES 3/4 Some students read aloud for us from the Scholastic News 4 about the “Mega Tooth Found”. Great discussions and now students know what an apex predator is. Ask them to tell you. Help them remember (the word is found on page 6 under “WORD TO KNOW”). We discussed reading a graph, including labels and a key. Students need to complete the “Lending a Helping Hand” section after reading the article and this will be ready to turn in on your next visit to the filing cabinet. Assignments also include Google Classroom math pictograph page under Unit 1 and continue on other ongoing math assignments. I am hoping those leaf rubbings and identification pages can be turned in soon, so I can put together a display (bulletin board) on the filing cabinet before the end of leaf season! I believe there is only one turned in so far.
Grades 1/2 We compared favorite colors and filled in another graph finding the most and least of the colors. Students used notes from what we read about Bald Eagles to write sentences. Here’s what we have so far: Bald eagles have white feathers on their heads. Eagles are raptors. Raptors are birds that hunt. Bald Eagles can only be found in North America. Hoping everyone has their collection of 20 small items to use as markers on their bingo boards.
Grades 3/4 Discussed article about inclusion, answered first three comprehension questions on the back of Scholastic News 4. Started reading the next article “Lending a Helping Hand”. We had a discussion about fossil fuels (oil) and the use of this resource for plastics. Assignment to finish the article and answer questions 4-6 on back. Math page that we worked on included counting coins, comparing amounts, writing dollars-an-cents notations. I will try to post the next coins page in Google Classroom. Everyone has an assignment that just been added on Google Classroom that is due Oct. 30, so a little each day is recommended.
Grades 1/2 Worked on sounding out words and drawing an eagle. Filled in T Chart (2nd page of graph packet). I asked each student to collect 20 small items to use for their sight words “BINGO” boards. We talked about items in nature (pebbles, acorns) and things they may have (base ten blocks, smallest lego pieces, bottle caps).
Grades 3/4 Leaf rubbings (four of the same leaf) identify and complete branch. Let me know when their papers have been dropped off at school (in their file). I will make a “bulletin board” with them on the filing cabinet. Worked on math patterns and “math boxes” various skills together. Having paper, pencil, and packets nearby and ready when needed is very important for our zoom time. Along with “Daily Work” assigned to continue work on packets from first few weeks if not passed in already (sentence mechanics and geometry).
Grades 1/2 We’re working on graphing and “most/least”. Took the final notes on Eagles. Tomorrow we will begin putting our notes into sentences. Students will need those papers; math graph packet and Eagle pack, writing paper, and something to write with for zoom tomorrow.
Grades 3/4 Listened to Grandfather Tang’s Story using tangrams. Students have a tangram page assignment in their Google Classroom (3/4 Remote MATH) to create the pictures using their tangrams. We began reading about “A Color For Everyone” in the August 31st edition of Scholastic News. Assignment is to finish this section and answer the questions that are in their Google Classroom (3/4 Remote ELA) using a page in their notebook (unless someone has a printer and would like to print it out and complete it).
Today’s zooms
Grades 1/2 We continue to work through reading and discussing information about eagles and taking notes of words that will help us remember some of the information we read. Next week when we finish the notes, they will be asked to write a sentence with each note and we’ll finish up with a drawing of an eagle. I would like to use this material and their Nerdy Birdy drawings to build a “bulletin board” at the school. Assignment: continue working on Grade 1 Sorting Sounds packet and Grade 2 Spelling packet.
Grades 3/4  Introduced “simile” and “analogy” pages from Reading Skills packet in Google Classroom. Doing these pages (in their notebooks) while it is fresh in their minds may be beneficial. Math Puzzle “Late Broom” subtracting money riddle in Google Classroom, also. Worked through a couple of math “grapples”. Really made us think (and persevere).
All students have Scholastic News magazines in their files at school ready to pick up along with other materials. Please be sure to pass in their finished work only, at the same time. We will use the magazines to read and discuss together in zoom classes. The 1st and 3rd graders (only) should have two sets, one of their grade level and one of the level above. We will read the level above together in zoom. They can use their grade level magazine for independent reading. Please help them organize their materials in their folders, so it is available for them to open up and pull out the material needed as we work through them.
10/1 I will be working to fill students’ files this evening, so they will be ready for pickup tomorrow or over the weekend. Students will need materials for Monday. This is also the time to pass in any and all work completed so far. Pages not finished in packets can be carefully removed. Please be sure your child’s name is on each individual paper and on the packets.
Today’s zooms & assignments
1/2 During zoom, I mentioned that I would like students to write at least one sentence after reading an “Article-A-Day” in their notebooks and copying the title of the article at the top of that page.
KEEP Eagle pages at home – DO NOT turn in. All other Nerdy Birdy pages (including drawing) should be passed in.
gr. 1 Continue working on Fact Families (dominoes and dice pages in packet)
gr. 2 Explore games for skip counting by 2s, 5s, 10s and more on
3/4 Watch Mystery Science (we did this during zoom) Do four leaf rubbings, all using the same leaf, use four different colors. Outline the veins and edge of each leaf rubbing with a different color. Cut out each leaf carefully and save to complete the page that will be in your files.
Tulip Project Science with Mrs. Feeney – there is one (or more if there are siblings at home with the 3/4 graders) tulip bulbs in each remote student’s file along with an observation sheet. I am waiting on further instructions from Mrs. Feeney to do with this project. I will pass them along ASAP.
3/4 Explore games related to multiplication on
4th Math packet, finish and pass in Friday or over the weekend (take out final page with circular compass and save for later use – though they may complete)
I have been given a couple of requests for materials (journals, crayons). If anyone else knows of material that is needed, please send me an email before 5:30.
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I AM PEACE (A Book of Mindfulness, by Susan Verde)


Find your anchor, be in this moment.

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What’s Next/Project-Based Learning Criteria


Don’t forget to bookmark these sites.

For STMath, (, each child has their own individual sequence of pictures that they chose. It would be the same for them each year. If they don’t quite remember their picture/sequence, it will allow them to “practice” to bring it back to memory.
READWORKS – so far, just for grades 3-5, ( Our (remote2021) class code is TKTFTJ, once in with the code, they each will need to find their name and then enter their password. Each of them will have assignments at their grade level. If there is a play arrow at the top of the page, it will allow them to have the text read aloud, but it’s important they follow along (important for when they need to find the information to answer a question). If there are questions for them to answer, there will be a questions tab at the top that will bring them up (they can do a “split screen” with the questions on one side and the article/story on the other by clicking on the little double box that looks like an open book up at the top). Sometimes there will be a place to write out answers or notes about what they learned or thought was interesting. I explained they will need to check their writing for capitalization, punctuation, and spelling errors. This will help me assess their writing skills, so I ask that you lead them in persevering and doing their best for themselves, so I may assess their skills.
LEXIA, ( 1st and 2nd graders are all set and information will be sent to individual parents with each child’s login information. Both 3rd and 4th are on a “waiting list” to be added. I’ll let you know as soon as I have their information.
Criteria for Project-Based Learning experience
A TOPIC – what is the driving interest and what will they gather a deeper understanding of through the project,
A PLAN – which should include a break down of their planned process (e.g. reading books, online searches, calendar of steps/timing of process, ideas for format of “report”/what is being shared about the research/process/and information learned) – this may be edited along the way, but all drafts should be saved, EVIDENCE of information gathering (usually in the form of note taking – rough drafts are fine – doesn’t have to be formal), and
A FINAL PIECE – (project piece) which should also include a written piece/portion which would clarify their deeper understanding of the topic – whatever they choose for another format to share (e.g., display/poster?etc., – their choice).
Here is a link with more ideas/resources that just came my way:  Make sure to make note of grade level recommended at the end of description with link to more information.
All projects would need to be finished by Dec. 4, whether students undertake just one or multiple. Please keep me updated along the way.
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Learn with the Moose!


http://MOOSE (Maine Online Opportunities for Sustained Education) Learning Platform!


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Remote Day 2


Today in zoom, we (students, parents, and I) took a look at how to get to this blog from the school’s website. If you are reading this, I expect you were able to find it. There was at least one person who the page didn’t open for. I expect it was a glitch and that we’ll find a way around it. I informed everyone that this blog would hold information that I share with students (and parents) about what we’re doing as well as material and links to lessons, assignments, (when possible) and resources as they come up. If you look to the right for the “BLOG ROLL”, you will find a REMOTE Resources link. This will lead you to the Maine Department of Education’s link for the new “Learn with MOOSE” program. It has a variety of self-paced project-based learning experiences. Please check it out. Let me know if one is interests you and you choose to proceed with it.

In today’s zoom meetings, we also touched upon some academic topics. Some of the work included letters (capital & lower case, vowels & consonants), opinions & facts, ten frames, and one class learned how to get to and use their Google Classroom with their school email account. While students are working to finish up on their review packets, which are due to be turned in on the 18th (if that day is not possible for you, please message me so we can work out another day/time), I am not holding them to the entire scheduled zoom meetings. We will meet, then as topics wane, I will release them to work.

Parents with questions, concerns, thoughts, or anything to share, please do not hesitate to message me with an email. I try to answer them in a timely manner. When/if the time comes that we are working on specific skills and your child (or you) are having difficulty with the “how to”, just message me. I will try to work out a way to cover the issue.

Looking forward to Day 3!

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TIPS TO KEEP YOUR K-5 STUDENTS ON TRACK! Watch this short video.


Hello Everyone!

Here is where you will find information about our schedules, directions for activities and assignments, links to sites recommended, and all things that I’ll refer to in emails.

In case you cannot find this link, just go to LCS homepage and look under the tab “Staff Directory”. You can find me on the second page of the staff list. Then just click on the “4th Grade Blog” (that’s what it use to be called). Don’t forget to bookmark it, in case you want to find something or just make sure you are up to date on what’s going on. It puts things in order from the most recent to the oldest, so you may have to scroll down as we move through the year, if you’re looking for an older post.

Please do not hesitate to email me (or even comment on this site where appropriate) whenever you have questions, concerns, or need clarifications.



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Coombs Coins


I’m reminded of the “Coombs Coins”, that students were collecting over the year to use toward an item give-a-way at the end of the year, when someone returned them with their books. Students were saving them in their pencil pouches. If they can come up with them (and I’ll count the ones that were recently returned) then they may bid on an item from the table. Photo of items will be on our 4th grade Facebook page and you can find them under “pages” (to the right). Each student should state how many coins they have to bid. I will put them in order of greatest to least and allow each to pick from the table. I will then put their name on a sticky note and put the item in the foyer for pick up. Bids should be in by the end of July.

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